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The best and safest casino payment methods

To play your favorite casino games online and get a welcome bonus, you need to register with a gaming account and make a deposit. But what do you have to consider before depositing or withdrawing money? Find out what our experts have to say about the safest and fastest payment methods in USA.

Below you will find some popular payment methods found at American online casinos.










Paysafe Card


Rapid Transfer




How secure is your payment information when playing at an online casino?

Now most of us have paid for an item online from online stores like Amazon or Ebay, and to make it a little easy, we chose a payment method available to us.

From credit and debit cards to e-wallets, the spectrum of online payment methods has a wide range- and the good news is that the best online casinos accept a varied selection of payment options.

At Dobisinternational we only promote them safest online casinos which is licensed by the leading authorities of the industry, for example Malta Gaming Authority.

Along with the most recognized payment methods, this ensures full security when playing. Payment methods Casino - an industry that is constantly evolving. Payment methods at the casinos are replaced frequently, and this is especially true in USA.

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as Fast Company Printer was the first secured online transaction to take place at Netmarket. The buyer bought a copy of Sting's album 'Ten Summer's Tales' back in 1994!

The most common payment methods online in USA

As we have discovered, the most common payment methods for online casinos are primarily through e-wallets, credit cards and debit cards.

In USA there is a small restriction compared to many other countries. This comes from State Norsk Tipping's monopoly on online games.

Here is a list of payment methods covering the entire key area. Payment online is easy at an online casino. There are several payment options. Below are some payment methods online that work well for Americans. Here are the online casino payment methods that are safe payment methods to use.

Name of payment methodTypeAverage time for depositAverage time for withdrawalsSupplier's transaction feesCasinos

Credit/Debit CardImmediately2-5 bank2.5%Visa casinos

Credit/Debit CardImmediately2-5 bank2.5%Mastercard casinoer

Payment appImmediately2-5 bank0%Revolut casinos

E-walletImmediately2-5 bank0%Jeton Wallet Casinos

E-walletImmediately2-5 bank0%MuchBetter casinoer
AstropayE-walletImmediately2-5 bank0%AstroPay casinoer

E-walletImmediately2%NeoSurf casinoer

Bank transfer
Bank transferNot possible2-5 bank0%Bank Transfer Casinos

The different types of payment methods

As we have seen, there are many different payment methods in USA that fall under the main category.

Then there are those who are a little more difficult to define, but still very worth considering.

Below we have published a list of the most popular options in USA, and especially those loved by casino players for their speed, security and ease of use. There is a payment method that is suitable for everyone. The payment methods at casinos incorporate, among other things, the following:

1. Debit and credit cards4. Mobile apps
2. Cryptocurrency5. Bank transfer
3. E-wallets6. Prepaid cards and coupons

Debit and credit cards

The most commonly used of casino payment methods for transferring money to online casinos are debit and credit cards. There is still the gold standard for treatment speeds and the extra safety they provide.

But we must emphasize that debit and credit cards due to changes in the regulation of games have become more difficult for Americans.

On the other hand, it is possible to make deposits with these payment methods using third -party solutions that online casinos have facilitated.

VISA - Visa is arguably the most accepted payment method from online casinos, and offers speed and security speed. A Visa Casino is very common now.

Deposit with Visa card, and your money is deposited into your casino account almost immediately.

And the extra security of Visa Secure (formerly known as Verified by Visa) is also very welcome. A casino that takes American visa varies greatly, but usually comes through third -party solutions. Casino with Visa will almost always be an option.

MasterCard - It should be mentioned that you can usually only deposit a gaming account using Mastercard.

For Americans, deposits work through third -party providers. You can then use your MasterCard via a third party, and then transfer the money to the gaming account. You will certainly find a Mastercard casino out there.

Withdrawals are not accepted directly back to MasterCard, so you have to choose the payment method through the third -party solution.

However, it is still a smart feature to use MasterCard as a deposit option, with a rapid transaction rate and the extra security of SecureCode with improved security features. Mastercard casino is very common when currently. A Mastercard Casino will usually come up with several third -party solutions.

Maestro Card - Like MasterCard, you can rarely make an outlet from an online casino using Maestro.

Deposits via a third -party solution are usually free, and again you need to use the unique SecureCode to make a payment, providing a security layer for the process.

American Express -Although it is considered a rare online payment method for casino games, you can use the American Express card to deposit money via a third-party solution.

The possibility of direct withdrawals is not present.

The SafeKey authentication tool makes transfer safer and limits the risk of your data going astray.

Entropay - Entropay was mainly closed in 2019, but was available to American customers before. We will mention it, in case the payment method may be relevant again. It is not available at the moment.

It is a card that uses the Visa network and that must be financed by another payment source.

One of the main reasons why it is so popular is that you do not need to disclose your credit / debit card information to an online casino or third party-only your Entropay card.

AstroPay Card -This is a prepaid debit card option, where you fill your card using your bank information before you then make a deposit into a gaming account.

Again, it is not necessary to share your sensitive personal bank information when using Astropay, which is why this payment method appeals to so many players. This payment method can be used at some online casinos.


Increasingly popular with internet users seeking anonymity in their payments. Cryptocurrency also offers incredible security thanks to their private security key system. Casino payment methods with cryptocurrency increase greatly. It is constantly coming new kryptocasinoer on the market.

Usually you will access the casino's public address and then enter your private key to make a payment.

Bitcoin - If a casino accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method, Bitcoin is most likely to be at the top of the list.

This is the most common form of currency, and deposits / withdrawals can take longer to process than other payment methods, but they are at least safe and completely anonymous.

Ethereum -This is the leading "alternative coin" of bitcoin, and Ethereum offers many of the same benefits as its worst rival-namely security and anonymity, a recognized and good way to use your ETH.

Ripple - Although this is not as widely accepted as Bitcoin and Ethereum, some casino sites available in USA will be allowed to use your ripple - or XRP to give the coin the correct abbreviation - to deposit and withdraw from your account.

Stellar - Another quite unusual, but still a payment method that is welcomed, is Stellar, the supplier of the cryptocurrency known as XLM. You can deposit and withdraw money using this coin.


Where speed is the key, e-wallets are often the choice for casino players.

Deposits usually happen immediately, so you can get started with your favorite games in the fastest possible time.

Withdrawals also tend to be faster than with other payment methods online, but you usually have to consider 2-5 bank days. Many times they can go much faster.

Ecopayz - With the e-wallet Ecopayz you can easily transfer money to and from the gaming account at an online casino.

You must first transfer money to the e-wallet from the bank by using zestPay.. This is a bank transfer that takes a couple of bank days. There is a 2% fee on this transaction. The minimum amount is 10 euros and the minimum fee is 1.5 euros. Once you have transferred the money to Ecopayz, you can use this payment method to make deposits and withdrawals at an online casino.

Once you have set up Ecopayz and verified the account, this is a very good payment method to use.

This is a payment method that is no longer available to Americans.

Paypal -PayPal is an ultra-safe e-wallet that ensures quick payments. Deposits are also free of charge. This one is unfortunately not available as a payment method for Americans for online casinos, but can be used for payment of other things.

Skrill -Formerly known as Moneybookers, you can fill your Skrill account in a variety of ways, and this payment method is accepted by many online casinos but is inno longer available to American players After the new regulations.

Neteller - Neteller is designed specifically for online games and is still one of the leading online casino payment methods. Neteller was available to American players before, but after the new regulations are no longer possible to use this payment method.

MuchBetter -An award-winning payment app and e-wallet that increases in popularity around the world, much better is a secure payment method that guarantees "quick transactions, flexible withdrawals and exclusive rewards". First and foremost for withdrawals, but you can order a MasterCard as well. If you play at a muchbetter casino you get flexibility. Available to Americans.

Mobile apps

Revolut -You can refill Revolut using Visa and MasterCard, and this app allows you to add money to your casino account without sharing sensitive information. Here is a list of some American online casinos that accept revoluties. This payment method has become more common for American players.

Payment with the phone - This brilliant payment method is little known by many, but actually lets you insert into gaming accounts using the phone bill - the amount simply appears on your next bill. You cannot withdraw with this method. Not available to Americans.

Zimpler - This practical app allows you to link bank and casino accounts together without sharing sensitive data. It is fast and secure and keeps you safe when you spend money online. Not available to Americans.

PayPal Mobile App - PayPal has its own dedicated app, and it increases the security online by adding a password to the mixture as an extra security layer. Not available to Americans when transferring to online casinos. Can be used for other payments.

Skrill app -You can activate your Skrill account online or in the custom-built app, deposit and withdraw funds with the least possible fuss. No longer available to Americans.

Neteller app -If you want a dedicated Neteller solution that does not require you to fire up your browser, you can always download their app and make transactions from there. No longer available to Americans.

Bank transfer

Although some are considered a bit old-fashioned in a time of ultra-tight card and e-wallet transactions, bank transfers are reliable, secure and ideal for those who do not want to use their debit or credit cards for gaming entertainment.

Bank transfer to American banks - Although it is not necessarily the fastest form of online payment, bank transfers are at least incredibly safe as they use the extra security protocol that your financial institution has implemented.

Before, casino sites accepted bank transfer as a standard method-also for Americans. Following new regulations in the American market, only some banks can be made bank transfer so far. Withdrawals in USA are now usually through other payment methods.

Prepaid cards and coupons

When you fill your casino account, it will not be safer than with a prepaid card or coupon.

With these, you do not share your bank information with a third party or credit / debit card number.

Instead, your coupon will have a unique code that you just fill in the field to make a deposit in your gaming account.

Neosurf - Neosurf is a payment method that allows you to transfer money to some online casinos. It is a prepaid card or coupon that allows you to transfer money without personal information. A voucher or coupon you can buy first - Neosurf USA will have several options with coupons that can be purchased. A neosurf casino is very common nowadays. Neosurf casinos appear steadily. Almost everyone offers this payment method. A neosurf casino you will find among many of the reviews at American casino. Available to Americans.

Paysafecard - Paysafecard is a common payment method at many online casinos.

Just buy a card online or via a local dealer in the city, and then redeem the value of the card at the online casino using the unique 16-digit code. This was available to USA before. This is no longer available to Americans.

Ecopayz - Ecopayz has entered into a collaboration with MasterCard to deliver its less card - EcoCard. This allows you to send money online immediately.

You can apply for an EcoCard without the need for a bank account. This card is directly associated with the Ecopayz wallet. This is no longer available to Americans.

Did you know?
Statistics from Fisglobal Shows that the most commonly used payment methods online are e-wallets (36%), credit card (23%) and debit card (12%).

Solutions on regular payment problems

While the payment process is usually decent when you deposit or withdraw money, you can sometimes bump into some problem along the way.

Here is a small overview of the solutions to the most common problems:

  1. I can't find where to confirm your payment methods ...

All the information you need regarding confirmation is on the account page of the selected casino. Search for your payment method there, or check your inbox if the casino has a messaging service.

  1. I can't change the payment method in my account…

In the payment page you will find a section dedicated to managing your payment methods online. You can change your primary payment method there.

  1. I can't remove my credit card from the account…

On the payment page you will see that you can change or even delete options from the list of payment methods.

  1. Deposits from my mobile don't work ...

Do not panic, but certainly not to repeat a deposit repeatedly - then suddenly more than one payment can eventually go through.

The best option is to wait a while, because sometimes the problem may be from the operator. Customer service can also be ed immediately.

  1. I asked for withdrawals for my payment method. Why are the funds still available on my balance?

In this case, the withdrawal has probably not been treated - it can happen in some cases. Just ask for the outlet again, or customer service for more information.

  1. My last deposit is not added to my account…

Sometimes deposits do not happen immediately, so patience is your best tactics here.

However, if the problem persists for 24 hours or more, you can customer service to see if they have a timeline or if the payment is not even received.

Don't reinsert unless you are happy to have two deposits and lots of money into your account.

  1. I can't take out my winnings ...

There are several reasons why you may not be able to withdraw your winnings - most bonuses come up with a wagering requirement.

Check that your withdrawal amount is within the minimum / maximum withdrawal amount, and remember that not all payment methods actually allow withdrawal - some are just deposits. Contact customer service if in doubt.

  1. I can't cancel my outlet…

You can cancel a withdrawal until the moment the casino processes your transaction and sends the money to your bank or e-wallet. After that, unfortunately, withdrawals cannot be canceled and you have to replace.

  1. I did not receive the winnings in full…

Here is another reminder that casino bonuses have unique rules and terms that mean you may not be able to withdraw all the money you want.

Always read rules and terms before accepting an offer! If your winnings are earned outside a bonus, customer service with your question.

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The biggest online win in history is almost £ 16 million on the Mega Fortune slot machine. Newspapers wrote that the lucky winner had to get a special exemption to take out his jackpot prize!

4 easy tips that help you decide on a payment method

Do you need further help with the various payment methods for casinos in USA? Here are five tips that can help you choose.

  1. Security is most important

Finally, you need to protect sensitive financial data from hackers and those with bad intentions when you pay for an item online, and with casino games is nothing different.

Use only the safest options from the list of payment methods above, and play only at licensed and regulated casinos which is monitored by MGA or Curacao Egaming.

  1. Speed is a factor

Although it is undoubtedly not as important as security, speed is still the key for players who will make deposits and play in an instant.

Not all online casino payment methods are equally quick, so be sure to read the rest of this American Casino guide for more information.

  1. Make it work for you

Any payment method you use must work for you in all aspects of your life.

Some will prefer credit cards rather than debit, while other players prefer the ease of use of an e-wallet.

If you have a store near you, even prepaid cards may be the best option if you want to minimize your digital footprint and keep your personal data safe.

4. Take into account travel

If you travel and play abroad occasionally, make sure the payment method you like to use is available.

Did you know?
In 2019, more money was spent online by the large British public than at any time - a full 178 billion pounds, which broke the previous annual record by almost 7% (Source).

Frequently Asked Questions

You can rely on licensed, regulated and reputable online casinos with your data - the distinction is crucial. You can find a list of these at Dobisinternational.
Once you have navigated yourself to the payment page, you will see a list of payment methods you have registered. Click the Delete button to remove them.
Which are the best payment methods online? Those who are fast, secure and easily accessible are the simplest answer. Everyone wants their own idea of the "best", but these three principles are essential. If you spend some time setting up a revolut or ecopayz, these are solutions that work very well now.
Some online payment methods are more used in some countries compared to others, while in other cases there are simply no alternatives registered to operate in certain countries. USA is a country where there have been some restrictions lately.