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Discover the best online blackjack games and understand exactly how to play this classic card game. The goal of trying to get 21 without going over this number remains the same, but when playing blackjack online at American casinos, you can add a side play, play with more hands and try different versions!

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USA best online blackjack casinos in 2022

This popular card game is offered at just about all the best online casinos For American players.

Many of the leading online casinos offer this card game in a stylish setting. Several have exclusive and branded tables.

You can try to get a hand of 21 by going to the "table game" section at any American casino that you are in.

#2Mr Green
#5Luckydreams casino

1. LeoVegas Exclusive Live Blackjack – LeoVegas

If you are looking for exclusive and branded tables with online blackjack online, LeoVegas is one of the leaders in this particular area.

In the Live Casino section at LeoVegas you will find a separate section called "LeoVegas Exclusives". Here you will find exclusive and branded tables with live online blackjack.

Spill on exclusive online blackjack table at Leovec now!

2. Mr Green VIP online blackjack – Mr Green

Another online casino that has a strong focus on exclusive and branded tables for online online blackjack is Mr Green. Here you can find your own Mr Green VIP online blackjack table.

Otherwise, they offer a good and varied selection of Mr Green-Branded tables with online blackjack worth testing.

Find your table on online blackjack at Mr Green now!

3. Unibet Lightning Blackjack - Unibet

The online casino Unibet is a gaming company that most Americans know. Chess player Magnus Carlsen is ambassador and fronts the casino. Here you can also get exclusive and branded tables on online blackjack.

One of the games is called Unibet Lightning Blackjack, and can give you winnings on many times the bet if the lightning turns on your lucky number.

There is guaranteed entertainment when playing online blackjack at Unibet!

4. Ruby Lounge blackjack – ComeOn

Another online casino Many Americans know well is ComeOn. John Carew has been an ambassador for the gaming company for a number of years, and several other well -known personalities have also been linked to the casino.

ComeOn also has an exclusive section for online blackjack. They have a collaboration with Evolution with tables called Ruby Lounge Blackjack.

Play Ruby Lounge Blackjack Hos Comeon now!

5. Online blackjack with many game developers - Luckydreams Casino

If you choose Kryptocasinoet Luckydreams Casino, you will get a wide selection of online blackjack from many different game developers.

Here you will find online blackjack tables from the market leader Evolution, but also other game developers like Playtech, Pragmatic Play Live, Authentic Gaming and several others.

You can select and choose in online blackjack tables at Luckydreams casino!

Online Blackjack: Did you know?
Many online casinos that have a strong focus on online blackjack also have regular tournaments where you can win extra prizes by playing on selected Live Blackjack tables. This can be found, among other things, at several of the aforementioned casinos, in addition to casinos that Rizk, The vending machine, Mobile automatic And several others.

Is blackjack online legal in USA?

Yes, you can relax and play blackjack online at a licensed casino.

There are many casinos aimed at American players that offer blackjack games as part of the game selection.

Some casinos focus only on Slot machines, but most of them have at least Roulette And blackjack in the table game section.

If you are a big fan of blackjack, you may want to look around on websites that have many different versions and be spoiled with many choices.

Is blackjack online games safe?

As long as you choose to play at an online casino that has an approved License Can you be sure there is fair game with blackjack online.

Just be sure to choose a casino that has a valid license from Malta Gaming Authority (s) or Karkaugaming And that has received good reviews from our experts.

Use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) in virtual games, regulated by test agencies such as ecograpp, and professional dealers of online blackjack games, means you can always rely on the justice of the games.

Why play blackjack online?

This game has become very popular in recent years, mainly because of its simplicity and that it is fast. Everyone can start playing immediately and having fun with a classic card game like Blackjack online.

In fact, most people already understand the rules and are comfortable with placing games right away.

If you have previously enjoyed playing blackjack with friends and family, you can play the same game online when it suits you yourself.

Online blackjack vs a land -based casino

Blackjack onlineBlackjack at a land -based casino
Play on several seats at the same time
Promotions and offers

Play from home

The best blackjack games online provide comfort in addition to convenience.

No matter what time it is and how much free time you have, it's easy to start playing. You can spend the time that is best for you.

The technology with Mobilcasinerer For American players, you can now also play while on the go.

Play on several seats at the same time

If you like the constant excitement of playing blackjack, then playing with more hands is even more action -packed.

When you play blackjack online, just look for the casino's "Multihand" game, where you can try to beat the dealer on multiple hands at the same time.

You can get blackjack bonuses online

Getting started at a reputable Blackjack casino is easy and it gives more reward when using a Welcome bonus in the beginning.

Look for the best casinobonusene That allows you to aim for 21 with extra bonus funds after you sign up.

Access to live casino campaigns and offers

The extra atmosphere and excitement of live dealer-Blackjack makes it well worth a try.
You should also look for Live casino-Bonuses that help you get started in the best possible way.

Online Blackjack: Did you know?
A round of blackjack has the best odds compared to other online casino games. House advantage (House Edge in English) Can fall in somewhere between 0.05% and 1% in a game with a single deck.

Is online blackjack and live blackjack different?

The game remains the same, but the atmosphere is changed by the presence of a human dealer or the use of a virtual setup.

Explore the different ways to play blackjack online below.

Live dealer- and RNG-spill are both exciting ways to try this game.

The most noticeable difference between blackjack games online is whether a human dealer is present or not.

If it is, the live dealer game will be streamed on the screen from an elegant studio, giving you the chance to communicate with them while playing.

RNG Blackjack games are presented as virtual games, with a computer-generated table and cards that are randomly handed out.

In this case, it is the casino software that ensures total justice and random results on each hand.

Which of these different approaches is the best way to play blackjack online? It really only depends on your personal taste.

Virtual blackjack online game

Many of the best game developers produce virtual blackjack games with fast and exciting action. This includes One Blackjack of Pragmatic Play Live and Blackjack Lucky Ladies of Field. These versions usually let you bet on different outcomes by pushing your chips in the focus areas.

Each game developer has its own style, but many of the games have a similar approach, with a nice layout and simple controls.

Studio Live (Dealer) blackjack-spill

The Live Dealer Blackjack games all have a human dealer who distributes the cards and shows the results. Evolution Pragmatic Play Live and Playtech produce many of the best live blackjack games for American players.

By watching the live casino section at Leovec You can find free bet blackjack, blackjack VIP and their exclusive branded tables.

The online blackjack selection at American casinos has grown in recent years, so it seems likely that more new titles will be added in the future.

How to play online blackjack?

The game Blackjack is played with a dealer and players. All players play against the dealer and not against each other. The goal is to get a short value that does not exceed 21, but which is still higher than the dealer's value.

Each card has its own value, except for the ace, which can either count as '1' or '11'. Jack, lady and king all have a value of 10.

The game is played in these steps:

  1. Each player puts his bets.
  2. Then the cards are distributed.
  3. The dealer gives one card with the front up to each player and one card with the front up to himself.
  4. Another card is then distributed with each player, but the dealer's second card is kept with the front. Therefore, each player except the dealer receives two cards with the front up. The dealer will have one card with the front up and the other with the front down.
  5. If a player's first two cards are an ace and another card with a value of 10, then you are lucky right away - this amounts to exactly 21 and the player wins. If both the dealer and the player have 21, this is called "push" or a draw and the player regains the bet amount.

Online blackjack - rules and bets

The goal is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without crossing this magical limit. You get two cards first and foremost and have to decide whether you want to ask for more or stick to these two.

When it's your turn, you make decisions to double your bet, divide your cards into two separate hands or insure against a blackjack hand of 21.

When you're done, it's the dealer's turn to turn their cards.

They must follow set Rules which determines whether they can draw another card or not.

The best hand in this card game is when you get a total of 21 on the first two cards, which will normally give you a higher payout and cannot be beaten.

Otherwise, any hand that is better a dealer's hand without going over 21 will give you a win.

Doble (Double Down)

When you double, it allows you to double the bet in exchange for an extra card.

Split the Ace (Split)

Splitting the aces gives the player two chances to beat the dealer. If you do not split the aces, one value 1 and the other 11.

Resplitt (Resplit)

If the player receives another ace after sharing ace, they can then split again.


A player has the choice to give up his hand after the dealer has distributed cards in the first round, in exchange for retaining half of his original bet.

10 Card Charlie

The most rare hand combination in the game Blackjack, where a player is given 10 cards without exceeding 21.


Side games are extra games a player can place at the beginning of a round. These games generally have a lower RTP than the main game, which means it is more difficult to make money from them.

Still, the extra excitement they add to and the prospects for big gains, if it strikes, that many players are tempted to give it a chance.

Insurance in Blackjack (Insurance)

The most common side game on blackjack games online is betting that the dealer gets a blackjack hand of 21 on the first two cards.

You will still lose your hand if this happens, but you will also get a payout as a patch on the wound.


This blackjack side game is based on your first two cards and the dealer's card with the front up which gives a strong poker hand.

The better this hand, the more you win. With three similar in the same color, it is usually the top premium.

Couple-side play

There are some different opportunities here, as you can get different types of pairs on your first cards.

Mixed pairs and colored couples are good, but it is a perfect pair of the same color and value that pays best of everything.

Bet behind (effort in the background)

With this type of blackjack inserts, you bet on another player's hand instead of on your own.

This means that you have no control over the decisions that are made while playing.

Number of decks and the house's advantage (House Edge)

The number of decks used in blackjack games online plays a big role in your winning chances.

This is because there is a greater chance of getting a blackjack hand of 21 on the first two cards if fewer decks are used.

The reason for this is that several blackjack hands are likely to be distributed, which gives you a greater chance of getting the higher payout it gives.

Most of the best online versions of blackjack use eight decks, but some use fewer than this. You can sometimes see one deck be used, but then it is often shut down after each hand.

In the table below we can see the effect the number of decks has on The House Edge, which is the advantage the casino has.

If the house has a low edge, it means you have a greater chance of picking up some winnings.

Number of decksthe advantage of the house
A deck. 0.17%
Two decks 0.46%
Four decks0.60%
Six decks 0.64%
Eight decks0.66%

Is it a blackjack strategy that works?

The most basic Blackjack-strategies Is about knowing when to stand (play with your existing hand) and when to draw cards (ask for another card).

What is best to do depends on the cards you have and also the card with the front up as the dealer has.

You can get some help by looking at Blackjack strategy tables that contain all the different possible combinations that can emerge.

No matter what cards are handed out, you see that your best feature is listed there.

This simple strategy does not guarantee you gain every time, but it maximizes your opportunities.

The theoretical repayment (RTP) listed for blackjack games is actually based on using a basic strategy, so it definitely pays off to learn how to do this.

  • H = hit (pull card)
  • S = stand (stand)
  • SP = split (split)
  • D = Double down (Doble)

When are you going to use buzzer?

The option called "Surender" (to surrender) is sometimes offered when playing online blackjack.

This version is usually seen in games with "Surender" in the name. These games let you throw you early and get back some of your bet.

This is often worth using Surender when the dealer has an ace or 10, and you have a bad hand, such as a hand with a value of 12 to 17 without ace.

You can win in this situation, but you are more likely to lose.

When are you going to double?

Doubleing (Double Down) is one of the most interesting and aggressive grips you can do when playing blackjack online.

You double your bet toward getting only one more card. You will want to do this when you have a better card than the dealer's card with the front up and can't lose any other card you may get.

Among the hands where this strategy makes sense is a hand with values 9, 10 or 11, as well as a 16, 17 or 18.

In general, you also want to see a card with a value of between 2 and 6 as the dealer's hand.

Online Blackjack: Did you know?
A 10 Card Charlie is so rare that it can occur only once every 100,000 times!

3 important tips to know about before playing blackjack online

When playing live blackjack for real money, it is important to be as informed and prepared as possible before you start playing. Our guides are here to help you and learn the most important aspects of the game.

1. Know the basic rules, side games and payouts

Of Basic rules in blackjack Is quite simple, but learning about side games and payments can lead to some challenges. Use guides and videos to help you learn everything.

2. Learn all Blackjack strategies

The right strategy is crucial to your success in Blackjack, as it increases your chances of winning in different situations.

Stick to a basic strategy, so you can try something a little more complicated as you learn more.

Get to know card count in blackjack online

Short counting is a way to keep track of the cards distributed, so you get a better idea of which ones are likely to come as the next.

This can be done by using ongoing counting or the actual number.

You may also want to use the approach high-low by assigning values to each card to make it easier to keep track of.

Not everyone agrees that card counting is something that gives you an advantage.

The general idea is, regardless, that you change your effort, depending on whether the remaining cards favor you.

Ideally, you want to see that there is a high proportion of Ace and cards with value of 10 left to distribute, because this increases the chances of a blackjack hand coming up.

3. Plan your budget and time

The trick to success is to plan and play responsible.. It is important to be prepared to win or lose. Plan the budget in advance so you know when to quit and give yourself enough time to get used to the game.

We can recommend reading more about Casino Bankroll Management.. Then you can learn to get better control of your bank role.

Online Blackjack: Did you know?
Playtech's innovative Quantum Blackjack has the highest RTP percentage of all live blackjack games, at 99.54%!

Which blackjack variant is the best for you?

You may be aware that Blackjack has many different versions that are popular around the world.

When you play blackjack online, you won't find everyone, but it's good to know what they are anyway.

Most American Blackjack casinos have a relatively good selection of this classic game on their websites, but you can also see a couple of games based on others Blackjack variants Like those below.

Classic blackjack

This is what we have largely focused on here, as there are games with the traditional rules that most people know.

You come across variants like European, American and multi-hand-blacks when playing online, but the basic rules remain the same on most of them.

This is a solid starting point for a beginner.

Spanish 21

If you want an interesting variant of blackjack, Spanish 21 is worth a look at.

One of the biggest differences is that the player always wins with blackjack, although the dealer gets 21 on his first two cards as well.

In addition, all 10 are taken out of the decks.

Blackjack Switch

In this blackjack variant, the player gets two hands and can switch cards between them.

Since this gives players an advantage, the rate of payments is usually slightly lower in this variant.

In addition, a deal with a short value of 22 is also a "push" (draw), unless the player has a natural blackjack.

Super Fun 21

This entertaining version of Blackjack has a lot in common with the classic game.

Still, you will win if you get 20 on six or more cards, regardless of what the dealer has on his hand.

How to improve your game?

Since Blackjack is a game based on both luck and skill, there are several ways to improve your chances of winning when playing. One is to stick to the basic blackjack strategy. The casinos and tables you play can give you extra value when playing, while the following tips can help you get better in this game.

1. Read our game and casino reviews

First and foremost, it is important to choose the right online casino where you can play live blackjack. Choosing a casino that has special or regular promotions on this game will give you extra value.

For example, certain casinos will give you cashback On loss when playing blackjack, which will help you win more in general, while others will reward you with reload bonuses that you can use to play the game with some extra bonus money.

Also, you should have a number of blackjack tables and different variants to choose from, so you can choose one that fits your budget and playing style.

In our Casino reviews We always inform you if a casino offers special blackjack offers, and also gives you an idea of what types of blackjack tables are available.

2. Practice you for free

Many casinos offer virtual blackjack that can be played for free, in demo mode.

This is a great way to pick up the rules and way of playing, without having to bet any of your money. Just games as normal, but with play money instead of your own money on games.

Live Dealer games of blackjack are not offered as a demo option, but by picking up a nice live casino-bonus Can you play with some extra money.

3. See streamers to detect new tips

Seeing the pros playing can teach you the best strategy and tactics. Today you can see Twitch-Streamers play blackjack at various online casinos.

Among the most popular online streaks at Blackjack, you can follow Casinoshipiff, Themilliondollarman and Blackjacknjill.

Online Blackjack: Did you know?
On the streaming service Twitch You can see more of the latest and most popular games at online casinos. Streamers from many different countries share their interest in Casino games Completely free. Here you can pick up many strategies that you can try with your own money.

Play Blackjack on your mobile

Like all other casino games online, blackjack can easily be played on your mobile phone if you register at a casino with an optimized for your mobile or have your own app.

Playing blackjack in a mobile app gives you access to special features, such as push notifications, as well as a more intuitive user experience in general. Not to mention the fact that you can play the games anywhere without having to log in to your gaming account from your mobile browser!

The best Mobile casino-Appes for blackjack include:

  • LeoVegas CasinoApp
  • Rizk casino app
  • Mr Green casino app

Popular online blackjack game developers

There are still relatively few game developers which offers live casino games, and the market is so far dominated by a couple of leading live casino studios.

  • If you are looking for a varied selection of online blackjack tables, it is difficult to beat Evolution. Evolution Offers the widest selection of online blackjack variants, which includes standard 7-seat online blackjack (different VIP tables also available), Infinite Blackjack, Speed Blackjack, Power Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack.
  • Pragmatic Play Live Has also come up with several exciting tables with online blackjack in recent years.
  • Playtech Is another great option, thanks to Classic Live Blackjack, Quantum Blackjack and Ultimate Blackjack tables.
  • Finally, Vivo Gaming also offers blackjack with 7 seats and an Infinite Blackjack variant worth trying!
Online Blackjack: Did you know?
Game developers such as Evolution, Pragmatic Play Live and Playtech are very common at many casinos offering live casinos with table games and Game shows.

Several have opened their eyes to blackjack

With new innovative live games with online blackjack, there are several players who have really opened their eyes to Blackjack. There has always been a popular table game, but with new variants of this classic game, players have become more interested in playing it. Almost all online casinos have blackjack in their gaming portfolio these days, so it is important to choose a casino that is right for you.

You can compare casinos using American casinos Casino reviews.. As a new player you can also very often get a good Welcome bonus.. We wish you the best of luck with the play!

Frequently Asked Questions

The main goal of blackjack online is to get closer to 21 than the dealer, without going over this number. A number of side games offer different ways to try to win, but the basic idea of trying to reach 21 is the most important goal in all online versions.
The first step is to look for a American casino with a valid license and then check out their blackjack selection. Choose a game you like the look, and then place your bet. When you press the "Deal" button, you are in the running. When the hand is completed, any winnings are automatically credited to your gaming account.
Most American casinos provide an alternative for demo games with a virtual blackjack. This lets you try the games without the risk of losing money. It is a good way to try new strategies and to feel comfortable with all the different ways to play. You can play free blackjack online almost at all casinos.
Yes, you can place real money bets at any good casino. Just select the value of the chips you want to bet and push it into the focus area. If you want to play with high bets, you can choose a VIP game or play with multiple hands. Otherwise, most games allow you to start with low bets.
Yes, you can place real money bets at any good casino. Just select the value of the chips you want to bet and push it into the focus area. If you want to play with high bets, you can choose a VIP game or play with multiple hands. Otherwise, most games allow you to start with low bets.
In many cases you can, but it depends on the individual rules and conditions that apply to the offer. Read them to see if you need to use the bonus to play a particular game. You should also check if Blackjack counts 100% against the wagering requirement, as this is not always the case.