Live Casino Game Shows

Play the best live casino game shows in 2022

Experience the excitement of some of USA most iconic game shows by playing real live casino game shows at some of the best online casinos! By merging the most beloved aspects of classic Game Shows and Casino with real money, you can play your favorite games and win huge prizes today.

Casinos with Live Casino Game Shows

100USD free bonus + 500USD bonus
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Review 18+ | game responsible | | valid for new players who deposit at least nok 100. 100 USD free with wagering requirements of 50x. the welcome bonus is 500% up to nok 500. the deposit + bonus must be traded 35x. that is, a total of 70x. the wagering requirement must be completed within 30 days. | Rules and terms apply

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Review 18+ | game responsible | | the welcome bonus at cloudbet is 100% up to 5 btc. cloudbet gives you the bonus money paid in rates after every 150 points that you earn by playing on crypto games. you must complete the bonus within 60 days. | Rules and terms apply

50% cashback
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Review 18+ | game responsible | | valid for new players who deposit at least 200 USD. a different welcome bonus with 50% cashback - without wagering requirements, but it is nevertheless requirement that the deposit must be traded once. you get a cashback based on net losses in the last 7 days. the smallest cashback you can get is 50 USD, maximum you can get 4,000 USD. | Rules and terms apply

Cash or Crash Live

Crazy Time

Deal or No Deal LIVE

Dream Catcher

Lightning roulette

Monopoly LIVE

PrimeTime Live

Are Live Casino Game Shows legal in USA?

Like all other forms of gambling in USA, casino -based game shows are fully regulated and monitored by a license holder. For American players this is through Malta Gaming Authority or Karkaugaming.

Any licensed American casino that offers live casino game shows with real money operates within the law framework, which means that live casino game shows offered are fully legal to play in USA, as long as you are over 18.

Are Live Casino Game Shows online safe?

Online live casino game shows like deal or no deal live or monopoly live comply with strict justice standards to ensure that customers face reasonable odds of success.

Live casino game shows often involves spin on a wheel or opening a box, with the player's success is entirely dependent on chance. The casino side and game developers are required to comply with certain standards to guarantee justice.

First, most games will use one Random number generator software (RNG) To ensure that the results of each game round are really random and cannot be rigged.

In addition, all renowned American casinos will offer Live Casino Game Shows, they also get their software revised and assessed by a reliable third-party security agency.

There are several such agencies that ensure the security of players, and some of the most prominent that you should keep an eye on is:

  • ecograpp
  • Technical Systems Testing (TST)
  • Certified Fair Gambling
  • Gaming Laboratories International

Live casino game shows-the new live casino sensation

If you are wondering what live casino game shows are, we have the information you need. As you probably guessed, these casino versions of real game shows are that you can play online.

These are more than old flash games. These are live games with real game hosts, dealers and other players.

As a player, you can connect to a live casino game show studio via a livestream video.

As a participant, you play live casino game shows in the same way you would do in a real TV studio by making your guesses and placing your bets. Just click on the next move you want to do, and the glamorous studio hosts will control the rest.

Live Casino Game Shows has become incredibly popular in recent years for a number of reasons.

First, you can enjoy the excitement and glamor by being in a TV-game show without leaving your living room. In addition, you can play for big prizes in a real social setting, with more creative ways to win than you would find on regular standard slot machines.

Most popular live casino game shows

Many of the best casino "game shows" in USA right now are based on live casino game shows and games that you probably already know and love. They come in immediately recognizable formats that are easy to play, without lack of exciting offers.

Here are some of the most popular American "game shows" right now:

  • Deal or No Deal LIVE

The banker is waiting for your answer, would you accept his offer? With Deal or No Deal LIVE, you have to choose between 16 mystery suitcases and guess how much money is hiding in them, with the goal of surpassing the banker and taking tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Monopoly LIVE

A combination of Wheel of Fortune and the iconic board game, Monopoly LIVE, transporting you to a live studio, where the host will spin the monopoly wheel after you bet on selected segments. With hidden bonuses, chance cards and more, this is a monopoly with real cash that can be won.

  • Dream Catcher Live

This is a simple and straightforward casino game show with a retro-style happiness wheel. All you have to do is place the effort and then the host will spin Dream Catcher wheel.. Depending on where the wheel lands, you can win life -changing gains from a single spin.

  • Crazy Time Live

This is a casino game show that is an upgrade of Dream Catcher. Crazy Time Also has a happiness wheel, but contains four different bonus games. You have 8 choices to put bets on. Figures 1, 2, 5 and 10, which will pay off on this number if the wheel stops on any of these. In addition, there are four bonus games with Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko and Crazy Time. This is where you have the chance to win large multiplier winnings.

  • Cash or Crash Live

One of the new exciting live games under the live casino game Shows category is Cash or Crash Live by the game developer Evolution. The game has a favorable RTP of 99.59%. It is possible to win 18,000x - or 50,000x if the gold ball shows up. The game is among the simplest of the live games out there. You have the choice - how long do you dare to be in the game? Red ball means crash, but the gold ball gives you an extra chance + higher multiplier.

Did you know?
The development team behind Dream Catcher Live, Evolution, had a precision -constructed, specially built wheel made specifically for this game! The same wheel mechanics are used for the newer monopoly live and crazy time shows.

There are several interesting live casino game shows nowadays. Some of the most popular that can be played at online casinos right now include:

How live casino game shows work

Live Casino Game Shows is the latest development in a growing trend of live streaming games.

However, it differs from more "classic" Live Casino-spill Like live blackjack and poker in a number of ways. First, live casino game shows high quality and realistic television studios, often with audio from the audience, while the live casino studio is filmed in a casino room.

Live Casino Game Shows has a "presenter", rather than a dealer, as well as different forms of interactivity for the user. While Live Casino Game Shows are based on casino games, they tend to have a large number of additional features that are strongly based on some of USA most popular game shows, as well as brand new mechanics such as bonus rounds and multipliers.

Types of live casino game shows

As this popular genre with real money entertainment continues to grow to new heights, there are new types of shows you can participate in every day. For example:

  • Casino game shows: These are live casino game shows based on classic casino games like Roulette, with a TV style twist.
  • Classic TV-Game Shows: This is the Livehow with real money that is almost exclusively based on classic game shows such as Deal or No Deal or Wheel of Fortune.
  • Fusion Game Shows: These are Live Game Shows that take elements of classic game shows and combine them with other games like Monopoly Live.

Live casino game shows based on traditional casino games

Game shows based on casino games are those who take classic games that we all know, like Roulette or craps, and adds some exciting turns to turn them into engrossing live casino game shows. Examples of this are:

  • Lightning roulette: The host spins on a giant roulette wheel, and the results lead you to hidden bonuses, lightning rounds and unexpected twists!
  • Lightning Dice: The game is based on craps. Here, participants must throw the dice in Lightning Tower and hope for the best.
  • Super Sic Bo: The game is based on the classic Chinese dice game. In this version you get to play with the host, who presses the button to throw the dice for you, with multipliers and bonuses along the way.

Live casino game shows based on popular shows

These are the casino game shows online which is based on classic game shows from reality, such as Deal or no deal.

Andre Live Casino Game Shows

These are often live game shows based on a classic game that we know and love, such as monopoly.

Did you know?
The original Deal or no deal TV show was broadcast for the first time in USA on September 30, 2006. The game show was broadcast on TV2 and the program manager was Sturla Berg-Johansen. Source

How to participate in a live casino game show?

If you do not want to apply to join a real TV-game show and potentially wait several years for your chance to play for prizes, consider trying live casino game shows.

All you have to do is create an account with a registered online casino to start playing immediately. Some popular titles, such as Monopoly Live, have a minimum effort of just 2 USD, which means that everyone can enter the studio and experience the excitement of joining a real game show.

Be registered with the casino

To register with a American online casino and start playing your favorite game, this is all you need to do:

  1. Choose your preferred American online casino.
  2. Click "Register" or "Create Account".
  3. Fill in your personal information, such as your email address and residential address.
  4. Confirm your identity.
  5. Get your casino Welcome Bonus.
  6. Choose the best games from Live Casino Game Shows.
  7. Set an effort and start playing!

Become eligible to play

Playing live casino game shows online for real money requires no effort. As long as you have a valid American online casino account-which you can create as long as you can prove that you are a resident of USA and over 18-then you are ready to play.

Usually you have to bet your own money on every round of a live casino game show, but the bet can be as low as just a few dollars.

Did you know?
All American casinos hosted for live casino game shows are licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority or Karkaugaming, some of the most recognized organs for casino standards in the world.

Play Live Casino Game Shows on your mobile

You may be wondering if you can enjoy the whole experience of being in a TV studio on your smartphone. The answer is, in a nutshell, "yes".

The best American casinos have been perfectly adapted for mobil, allowing you to play casino game shows without having to come to a chord with their immersive aspects.

Even with the most simple mobile devices, all you need is a stable internet connection to play your favorite live casino game shows without limits.


Live Casino Game Shows are innovative and entertaining chance games that can take your gaming experience to the next level. We are still in an early out when it comes to game shows, and there are no limits to what game developers can come up with in the next few months or years, especially thanks to new technological advances.

If you don't mind the item of chance, casino game shows can give you an excellent alternative to other virtual Casino games, especially if you value the live interaction you get in these games.

Frequently Asked Questions

A live casino game show are some of the innovative games that are provided by game developer Evolution Gaming. Here you can play, among other things, Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal and several other Game shows with real money. These games can be played either at home in the living room or via a mobile device.
To join a game show, you just have to register a gaming account with one of the online casinos listed at USA Casino and then choose Live Casino. Here you will get a good selection of casino game shows you can choose from. Here are games for many different bet levels.
The leading game developer of Game Shows at various online casinos is Evolution Gaming. They deliver famous games such as Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal, Lightning Roulette and several others.
When playing Live Casino Game Shows, this is only available for real money games. It is not possible to test the games with play money. However, it does not cost much to play these games. The minimum effort on several games is NOK 1.