Astropay revolutionizes payments across national borders

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Published 09.november 2022

Payment provider Astropay Make transactions across national borders easier.

Astropay's marketing manager, Sara Rita, says this about the cross -border payment revolution:

“With the increasing demand for effective payment solutions Above national borders, it is more important than ever that providers like Astropay come up with a good solution. ”

More and more people are looking for more alternatives and better prices in international markets. Payments across national borders also mean that players can make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos based anywhere in the world.

Over the past few years, cross -border transactions have experienced exponential growth in the gaming industry.

“We continue to expand to new areas and industries and try to reach those who need payment solutions across national borders. We continue to increase our presence in new markets, recreating the success and knowledge we developed in our core market in Latin America, ”says Astropays Sara Rita.

Shortless transactions and payment app

Astropay had already simplified cross-border payments by allowing users to perform international transactions without credit or debit cards. And it has not stopped there, says the marketing manager:

"We just launched a Visa card As you can generate directly from the Astropay app and use anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted. And we also have many other features that we add to the wallet, such as the ability to offer users more currency accounts. "

It is free for Astropay customers to use your wallet, and it is easy and quick to deposit or withdraw money from your gaming account. This means that you can waving goodbye to slow and complicated processes and lifts the gaming experience even a few notches.

More leading online casinos offer Astropay

Several casinos we have reported here at Dobisinternational have Astropay available as a payment method. Here are some of them:

Find a online casino With a good one casino bonus And test out Astropay.

Source: iGamingbusiness