Twitch ban has provided 22% fewer viewers

of Dobi
Published 08.november 2022

We have previously stated that Twitch could come with a Prohibition of gambling -related content From online casinos operating without a valid license and responsible gaming tool.

Later chose Twitch to blacklist more named online casinos.. As a result, several profiled streamers have now left the streaming platform.

Lost streamers with great followers

After a few weeks of ban, analyzes show that there is already a reduction in the number of viewers on the streaming platform Twitch. According to an analysis from data the vitevols cap Casino Lyrics, the streaming service has lost several regular viewers.

Several streamers who played at online casinos that were blacklisted by Twitch have now left the streaming platform. This has left its mark. According to the analysis, they are still greatest in streaming. The report for the third quarter shows that they have a proportion of 95.9% of the pulic during this period - in comparison with YouTube with 4.1%. It should be said that YouTube is the greatest on reviews and reprises of, among other things, big winnings.

Twitch is still greatest on live streaming

The statistics from Casinolyrics also show that Twitch is the market leader in live streaming. However, there is a fall of 22% - which gives them 74% of the market. Before the ban, they had a share of 96% of the market.

It has all been positive for YouTube. In addition, the analysis also shows an increase of 40% in the range since the change.