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Learn more about USA most popular slots!

Which American slot machines online have the greatest winning chance and offer the highest RTP? In this guide we list the most popular slot machines in USA right now and explain how they work.

Best American slot machines online 2022:

All slot machines

Name Highest grade Rtp Winning Number of rows Bet lines
1429 Uncharted Seas 71 98.5 41.2 3 25
3 Tiny Gods 93 96.4 24.22 4 30
300 Shields Extreme 91 95.29 - 3 25
5 Lions Megaways 93 96.5 - 3 200704
Acorn Pixie 68 96.91 - 3 30
Alchemedes 67 96.1 - 4 30
Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness 93 96.2 - 5 -
Aliens 86 96.4 - 3 15
Aloha! Christmas Edition 85 96 25.21 6 -
Aloha! Cluster Pays 86 96.42 21 5 -
Apollo Pays 94 96.56 - 6 117649
Arabian Nights 92 95.62 39 3 10
Ariana 65 95.48 - - -
Asgardian Stones 93 96.31 20 3 20
Atlantis Megaways 94 96.9 - 7 117649

Why should you play slot machines and are they safe?

Are slot machines online safe? The answer is yes.

Are there hundreds of different online slots? The answer is once again yes.

If you are looking for action, entertainment, security and variety, slots or casino slots is a perfect choice.

Everything from TV-inspired games that Game of Thrones and Hugo Available as slot machines, for progressive jackpots that can distribute hundreds of millions of dollars - the selection is, to put it mildly, gigantic.

Is it legal to play slot machines online in USA?

In USA there is Completely legal to play on slot machines or other casino games online.

Today there are many different casinos that you can play with, and here at Dobisinternational we work daily to compare and report different gaming sites.

When it comes to slot machines, it's a so -called random game. This means that you can to a small extent affect the outcome - it is simply coincidence or luck that determines whether and how much you win.

All games have a so -called RNG (Random Number Generator) And this is what the game is random and correct.

Simply explained, RNG is a program that uses advanced algorithms to generate random results. And it is thanks to this program that we can make sure that slot machines are safe to play.

But can't operators manipulate RNG?

No. All slot machines are reviewed and certified by a third party, for example ecograpp or iTech Labs.

These companies look at the random number generator (RNG), and if everything works properly, the game will be certified.

Without these certificates, the casinos will not receive a license through Malta Gaming Authority (s), Karkaugaming or other regulators.

So in other words: If the casino has a license through MGA or Curacao Egaming, you can rest assured that the games are also 100% fair and approved.

Finally, in addition to security, reliability and justice, modern slot machines must work within certain responsible game parameters where encouraged to responsible game.

This is another license terms that ensures that the developer and the operator must act responsibly.

What exactly is a slot machine and why play them?

Slot Machines Online is the digital variant of the land -based slot machine. The one you find at the pub, at the eateries, on the ferry and of course: at physical casinos in several countries.

Maybe you recognize the concept of "slotty bandite"?

This was called the vending machines for a long time and of course many still say it today. The name comes from the lever that you pulled in earlier, to get the wheels on the machine to spin.

Today, levers are no longer common on the physical slot machines. They have become a little more modernized and to some extent become more digital.

Today you just need to press a button to make the wheels spin, in the same way as the digital slot machines. Or slots, which is the English word many use today.

As an alternative to the usual Welcome bonus and others Offer, some casinos also offer time -limited campaigns. These are usually only valid for a few weeks to celebrate a special holiday, such as Easter, Christmas, Midsummer (Santhans) or Halloween. It's a great opportunity to try new exciting slot machines.

In addition, online casinos take the opportunity to offer an extra good offer or a special campaign on May 17. USA national day is often celebrated in style.

Did you know…?
All slot machines found at a licensed online casino have been tested and certified as fair by third party agencies that ecograpp and iTech Labs.

Slot machines that suit you

Take a look at any Topprangert CasinoSide, then you find lots of Casino games. From free slot machines to jackpotspill.. There are many options.

Although each website has its own shades, you should expect to see anywhere from 100 to 1000+ slot machines in a modern online casino.

Because of it, it's easy to find a game of casino slots that fits your style if you know what you're looking for.

Bonus Buy slot machines

Before we dive into the criteria you should use to find the perfect slot machine, it's worth talking about slot machines with bonus buy feature.

These games allow you to pay an addition and get a guaranteed bonus.

The cost will vary depending on the size of your bet. However, the most important thing is to note that you pay to guarantee a bonus.

Hold and win slot machines

There are several types of interesting slot machines on the market, and Hold and win slot machines Or hold and win slots in English is something that has increased in popularity.

These slot machines are characterized as a bonus game with symbols that are filled on the wheels.

Things to look for when choosing a slot machine

There are thousands of American slot machines online. Siling through them is not easy if you do not have a list of things to look for.

To help you choose the best game, we suggest you take a closer look at the following features on USA slot machines:

1. His

The first thing you see when you look at slot machines is the theme.

Some games have unique designs, others are based on movies, TV shows, artists, etc.

There are almost as many topics as there are slot machines, so it can pay off to be selective.

2. Payments

Although slot machines are designed to be entertaining, you cannot disregard the fact that they offer cash prizes.

Real money games can have jackpots worth a few thousand patches or even millions.

You have to weigh the costs of playing against what you can win and the game's payout potential.

3. Risk

When it comes to slot machines online, there are no guarantees at all. Even the best and most popular slot machines online will not pay all the time, and you should be prepared for a risk.

However, you can consider the potential risk / reward ratio by looking at the slot machine's volatility and theoretical refund to the player (RTP).

4. Look for volatility

All casino slot machines are powered by a random number generator (RNG). This ensures that the results are random and fair.

There are two programmed RNG variables that determine a slot machine's total payout potential-volatility and RTP.

These rankings should not be taken as guarantees of how much you will win, as they are calculated on what you theoretically get over time.

The point here is that over time, your profit rate should reflect the volatility and RTP ranking.

Volatility represents the frequency that a slot machine online in theory gives back on your investment, also in relation to the size of the payments.

In other words, how often you want to get a prize and how big it will be.

  • Slot machines with low volatility

Low volatility slot machines are designed to pay out more often than medium and high volatility games.

The prizes will usually be smaller, but will come more often.

  • Slot machines with medium volatility

These games are somewhere between low and high volatility slot machines.

This means that they pay less often than low volatility games, but more often than high volatility slot machines.

  • slot machines with high volatility

Slot machines with higher volatility Payers less often, but when they first pay out, the winnings become the greater. It is often these The slot machines that provide the best payout In addition to jackpot games.

5. Be aware of RTP

There is something called RTP, Return to Player, and this can be good to know and have some control over. Each slot machine has an individual RTP, and this is stated as a percentage.

Theoretically it can be said that a slot machine with a Rtp At 98% returns NOK 98 per 100-note.

But as we informed you a little further up, so you should know and remember that RTP is also about the long run, so you should not hang too much up in this number.

Think like this: Let's say you bet 1 USDoner and on your first spin and you win a jackpot of millions. RTP on that spin alone was thousands of percent, while a spin with loss means RTP was zero.

That being said, you can and should think about what you are looking for in a game. A slot machine that pays out often and less or less often and more?

To get some help, you can check RTP for different slot machines and volatility, although in our opinion you should not hang too much up in these percentages.

6. What is your gaming budget?

If you can't afford to play - refrain. It's that simple. You should never play for more than you can afford to lose.

But if you can afford and want to play for a slant, you can put your bet on all online slot machines and regulate it while playing.

Many games make it possible to bet anywhere from 1 USDoner to as much as NOK 1000 per spin and in this way the range is very wide and it becomes easier to adapt the effort to your individual budget.
In this article you get an overview of what Bankroll Management is.

Did you know?
Online casinos may seem pretty similar, but each casino can still distinguish quite a bit. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself well with rules and conditions that apply in advance. Dobisinternational has a article on handling the playing account Which can be useful to read.

What types of slot machines are out there?

Apart from the fact that the game can have a particular theme (movie, sci-fi, adventure, space, etc.), the game's structure can also be divided into different categories.

For example, most online slot machines have five reels, but there are also those who have six, seven or even more.

Which structure suits you? Let's present some different types:

1. Number of wheels

How many wheels can a slot machine have?

3-wheel slot machines

Three-wheel slot machines are usually called "classic" because it was such physical slot machines long looked. 3 wheels and fruit symbols (cherries, melons, lemons, etc.).

Jackpot 6000 and Mega Joker are examples of popular old slot machines in USA. Several of USA slot machines come with 3 reels, and Hugo Goal is one of them.

5-wheel slot machines

Of the slot machines available in the American market, it is estimated that 80-90 percent of them have five wheels.

This is simply the most common approach when it comes to slot machines, but that said, the games can still vary considerably in many other ways. A classic 5 -wheel slot machine is among other things Book of Dead.

6-wheel and 7-wheel slot machines

The game developers have become creative in recent years, and it has led the slot machine technology to new levels.

Thanks to innovations like Megaways ™, traditional formats have been improved.

Today you can find games with six, seven and sometimes even more wheels. Popular Megaways ™ slot machines is among other things The Dog House Megaways™ and Extra Chilli Megaways™.

2. Game Types

What types of slot machines can you play online? Let's take a look ...

Classic slot machines and fruit slots

Classic slot machines are another term for fruit slots. This means that classic games often contain cherries, grapes, watermelons, oranges and lemons.

In line with the classic theme, these games also have symbols of bells, bar symbols and 7s. A good old classic, for example, is the slot machine Twin Spin.


The best slot machines usually fall into this category.

It is not a particular theme or special feature you can use to define what video slots are.

The main characteristics are to look for are wheels. Video slots usually have five reels and a selection of wilds and bonuses. Slot machines such as Big Bad Wolf and Ecuador Gold are just a few examples.

3D slot machines / 3D slots

3D slots can be both classic and video slots, and with 3D we mean just as it sounds: The games have 3D graphics.

Betsoft Is a game developer who has made itself known for this, and when you play their games, it's almost like going into an animated movie. It is both nice graphics and entertaining at once. An example is the slot machine The Slotfather Part 2.

Progressive jackpot slot machines

These slot machines take a small percentage of everyone's bets and add them to a joint pot. These are international casino slots where the jackpot increases in line with the efforts.

This allows the prize pool to grow at a huge speed. When someone hits the right combination, they win the pot - a jackpot that can sometimes be several million USDoner!

This does Progressive jackpot slot machines More exciting than those with fixed payments. Mega Moungah Is a famous jackpot game with a huge jackpot. Another is the Million Creator Mega Fortune.

The game developer Relax Gaming Have also entered the market with slot machines with a progressive jackpot. They have namely Launched a feature called Dream Drop Jackpots.

Dream Drop is a huge progressive jackpot that is divided into 5 levels - Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major and Mega, where each level leads to a guaranteed gain.

An exciting slot machine with this new feature is Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop.. There are several exciting slot machines that come with the same feature in the time to come.

Megaways Slots

Megaways ™ slot machines is a relatively new "invention" developed by the game developer Big TIme Gaming.

The system itself is used on already existing games or on brand new slot machines.

The thing itself with the Megaways ™ mechanism is random paylines and the structure. When you play a Megaways ™ slot machine, you don't know exactly how many active paylines there will be during the next spin.

You can usually find 6 wheels on these games and sometimes up to 117,649 paylines. Great Rhino Megaways™ and NFT Megaways™ are just two examples of exciting slot machines with this feature.

Cluster slots / cluster slot machines

Traditional American slot machines online have a certain number of paylines, where it is important to get matching symbols that together create a winning combination.

So -called "cluster slots" or slot machines with cluster winnings have no paylines in this way.

Instead, it's about getting matching symbols next to each other, in "clusters". An example of a game like this is Netents Aloha! Cluster Pays.. A little newer slot machine In this category is Cluster Slide.

Slot Machines with Multiple paylines

Classic fruit machines often have a payline (sometimes up to five).

Today, old and new slot machines will have more paylines. It may be a fixed amount or a random amount.

The purpose here is that you have to get equal symbols across active paylines from left to right. A classic example is the slot machine Starburst.. Here are several paylines in addition to winning both ways.

Did you know…?
A few years ago, a 20 -year -old American student won an incredible 92.4 million using free spins. This gain was won at the progressive slot machine Mega Fortune, at the online casino Betsson, and ended up in Guinness's record book. Source: Nettavisen

How to increase the chances of winning?

In some Casino games Do you have an advantage if you have knowledge of the game. By being good in head calculation you can increase your chances towards the house in for example blackjack.

But when it comes to slot machines, there is unfortunately not much you can do, and here knowledge becomes quite insignificant. This is because the results of the spin are completely random, something we have already talked about.

But one thing you can do after all is to get control of a few things before you start playing.

By making some wise choices, the chances of getting the most out of the gaming experience increase.

1. Read our reviews

To begin with, you can start by reading our reviews of slot machines and Casino reviews.

By getting facts and more details, you will be in a better position to find online casinos And the games that are best for you.

2. See streamers playing slot machines

If you want, you can see clips and streaming where other players play twitch slots and other slot machines online.

Unfortunately, they can't show you exactly how to win (because chance decides), but they can be both fun and inspiring to watch.

Some popular streamers playing on slot machines that you can check out on Twitch are:

  • Roshtein
  • CasinoDaddy
  • ClassyBeef
  • Deuceace
  • Xposed

3. Are there strategies for slot machines?

As we have already mentioned, there is really no known way to influence the odds to your advantage as you are guaranteed to win when you spin the reels on a slot machine.

However, there are a few things that can be important and that can increase your chances of winning.

To begin with: Always make sure you have control over your money and your gaming budget, it's a "must" when it comes to all forms of casino games. Because without this bit it can quickly go wrong, and then it is not fun anymore.

You should never try to win back money you lost - that in turn can cause you to lose even more. Always be sure to stop playing when you are on the side.

Think about this with volatility and RTP, something we talked about before. What do you prefer? More small chances of winning or fewer winnings, but maybe possibly higher winnings?

Read information about the game, inside the game, before you start playing.

Here you can see that, for example, you must have bet maximum for even having a chance for the jackpot. Here you have to consider - is the little chance of the jackpot worth one or more spins with maximum bet?

Check this first, then you will be aware of what is required of you in relation to the game's potential winning chances.

How does slot machines work?

Learn how slot machines online work. Accept that there are coincidences that determine everything.

When you feel comfortable with it, you avoid becoming emotional when playing. Then you know that your results depend entirely on chance, and in that way you do not need to be frustrated with the results.

There is nothing you can do with the outcome, and by accepting it it becomes both easier and more fun to play.

With that in mind, we now thought we should go through what it can look like when you start playing on a slot machine:

1. You put an bet and click on the Spin button.

2. The wheels spin until they stop.

3. Each wheel has a selection of symbols on it. Symbols stop completely randomly on the wheels.

4. Over the wheels there are a certain number of invisible paylines. If you get three or more matching symbols (usually from left to right) on an active payline, you usually win, usually a coin gain.

5. To help you get winning combinations, the game may have one or more so-called wild symbols (Wilds). These types of symbols usually replace all other symbols and thus help you on the road when it appears on the wheels.

6. If you get enough of so-called scatter symbols, you usually win some form of bonus. For example, the free spins feature can be activated.

7. If you play a progressive jackpot slot machine, there is no fixed maximum benefit. Instead, there is a pot that is constantly growing every time players focus on the game.

Note that it is different from games to games. Not all slot machines have scatters or wild symbols, while other games can have two different scatters and three different wild symbols.

4. Test games free slot machines online!

A tip to keep track of today's game selection and test how a slot machine works is to play slot machines free, something you can do directly here with us at

But it is also possible to play slot machines online for free at the current casino (see screenshot from Unibet below), then they also offer free versions of the games.

On the other hand, be aware that you can't win anything when playing for free this way. After playing for a while, you are also asked to start playing with real money.

This is a smart and easy way to get an overview of how the game works, if you like it and if you feel it is a game you might want to invest money on or not.

Did you know?
Almost all online casinos let you try slot machines without playing for real money. You can go into any casino from casino reviews Here at Dobisinternational and try the slot machines you want.

The game developers you should keep an eye on

Today there are a whole bunch of fantastic game developers, and everyone has something unique to offer.

Some focus on high -level entertainment, others on jackpots and great design. Sometimes everything!

The online casinos we recommend here at Dobisinternational often offer games from a number of suppliers.
We were now thinking to look at a couple game developers As we think you should check out when choosing slot machines to play.

  • NetEnt

NetEnt Is the award -winning game developer ranked number one in the world by many players and experts.

NetEnt is constantly launching new games, but in addition to quantity, NetEnt always manages to find a balance between stylish design and high entertainment, as well as good winning chances and fun themes.

Here you get both quantity and quality at the same time.

Some of NetEnt's most popular slot machines are: Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Guns N ’Roses and Mega Fortune.

  • Yggdrasil

If you like innovation and creativity, is Yggdrasil Gaming A game developer for you.

Yggdrasil has made itself known for its extremely attractive and detailed games with animations and innovative features.

The games are sometimes more like a TV game than a casino game-which has so far made them popular with most people.

Popular Yggdrasil games include: Valley of the Gods, Vikings Go Berzerk, Golden Fish Tank and Wild Pops.

  • Big TIme Gaming

Big TIme Gaming Is the company behind the success of "Megaways ™", which we told before.

The innovative structure means you can activate up to 117,649 paylines randomly every time you spin.

Also, Megaways ™ is used on many of the industry's top -ranked slot machines, which Extra Chilli Megaways™, White Rabbit MegaWays™ and many more.

Did you know…?
Most game developers of slot machines offer a so -called Bonus Buy feature on their slot machines but Play’n GO is one of the few who do not have this. They are still one of the leading game developers on the market.

Glossary for slot machines

Below is a small dictionary With a few words that you want to come across and that can be useful to know when playing on slot machines. When you play some of USA slot machines you will encounter one or more concepts:

Words and PhrasesExplanation
PayrollAn invisible line on which the symbols must land in order for a winning combination to occur. Look more here.
Wheel The vertical "columns" on the game board itself that you spin and on which the symbols appear.
jackpot The highest possible gain on some slot machines. There are both regular jackpots (predetermined) and progressive (ever -growing). Look more here.
free spinsA certain number of spins that you can usually win in the game itself. You can then spin these spins for free. Look more here.
Wild-symbolA symbol that replaces other symbols in the game. Can be "stacked", "expanding", "sticky" or quite common. Look more here.
Scatter-symbolA symbol that usually activates some form of bonus games in the game. For example, the free spins feature. Look more here.
Main Game / Base GameA term used to separate the Slot Machine's Standard mode from bonus or free spins features. Look more here.
multiplierA feature found in some games. For example, in the free spins feature you can get a multiplier of the X3. Then the winnings will be multiplied by three if you win something. Look more here.
BonusFree spins round, or another type of bonus game on a slot machine. (eg a pick and click bonus game). Look more here.
Car gameThe ability to set a specific number of spins to be played automatically.
RtpStands for "Return to Player" and is stated as a percentage. Provides an indication of how often the game pays out winnings. Look more here.
VolatilityAlso called "variance", this refers to the frequency where a slot machine online is programmed to pay out, also in relation to the size of payments. Look more here.


Casino players in USA will be able to detect many different slot machines to play on from either stationary or mobile devices.. Today comes slot machines with exciting features that make the game even more catchy.

game developers Still making new ways to spice up things and give players more interesting ways to serve a small slant on casino games. The best online casinos will also offer different bonus and free spins and cashback - Something that improves your gaming experience.

Let's help you start exploring a world of slot machines today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Online slot machines work in the way that you spin wheels containing symbols. If you can match at least a minimum number of symbols, you win a win.
To play slot machines online in USA, you must register with a licensed online casino. You can do so by reading our reviews and using the registration links. Once you have registered with a casino, you can go to the gaming lobby and find something you like.
All slot machines have cash prizes. Unless you play a demo game, also known as a free slot machine online, you must bet. By betting, you give yourself the opportunity to win a cash prize.
To win at a slot machine, you need to get a certain number of symbols on a payline. Exactly how many symbols or how many paylines there are is different from games to games. To win, nothing but good luck is required, because slot machines are random games, where coincidence determines the outcome.
Some of the best online slot machines are Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, Mega Moolah and Divine Fortune. There are constantly new exciting games that emerge.
All online casinos offer their games in free versions. Just be aware that you can't win anything when playing for free.
There is no special time that is more or less appropriate to play slot machines. All casinos are open 24/7, which means you can decide for yourself when and where it is best for you to play.
Any online slot machine that you find at a licensed online casino has random outcomes every time you play. Each game has an RTP, which gives back a certain number of percent back to the players.