slot machines with high volatility

Slot machines with the chance to win a big win!

Are you one of the casino players who enjoy a little extra risk and who do not do anything about losing a little in the pursuit of the really big winnings? Then high volatility slot machines are for you! Read more about it in our guide.

10 best slot machines with high volatility in USA

There are a number of Slot machines which has a high volatility and has a great potential for profit. We have collected 10 of the best available to play in the American gaming market. You can also look at the guide about slot machines that have a high RTP And check these against the volatility.

Iron bank

This is one of Relax Gaming their top games. It has become an immediate hit among players who like to play slot machines with high volatility.

Slot machine Iron bank is developed in collaboration with the streaming network casino rounds, which are by players.

The game has tremendous potential, with a total of 4,096 ways to win and the chance to win up to 98 999X bets. It also means that it is a very volatile game that will go in waves. RTP is 96.2%, which is just above average.

Dead or alive 2

This slot machine is also a sequel from NetEnt.. Ten years after Dead Or Alive was launched, the long -awaited sequel was finally released.

Western adventure on the slot machine Dead or alive 2 Offers three different free spins modes and you can win up to 111 111x your bet. With such a potential payout, the game is of course very volatile.

The slot machine RTP is 96.8%, which is above average.

Razor Shark

Razor Shark is an action -filled underwater adventure from Push Gaming.

Here you play with free spins and multipliers that help you get closer to the maximum gain of 85,475x bet.

Razor Shark has an RTP of 96.7% and is a very volatile slot machine.

Rock the Reels Megaways™

Slot machine Rock the Reels Megaways™ Is also a very volatile slot machine that has a huge potential of 50,000x bet. This game is developed by Iron Dog Studio on License from Big TIme Gaming for the use of the Megaways ™ mechanism.

The game is really rocked and comes with several special features. There are between 324 and 200 704 ways to win, and you can buy several types of bonuses.

The game also has an approved RTP of 96.7%, which is pretty good.

Money train

Slot machine Money train is one of Relax Gaming Biggest game. They later also came up with a sequel called Money Train 2 and Money Cart.

You play with wilds, respins and free spins in this classic and can win a maximum of 20,000x bets

Money Train has an RTP of 96.2%. The sequel comes with even higher maximum gains and slightly higher RTP. The game is very volatile, so you will experience large fluctuations in the winnings paid.

Curse of the Werewolf Megaways™

A popular slot machine developed by the game developer Pragmatic Play on the license from Big TIme Gaming is Curse of the Werewolf Megaways™.. The game is based on a novel called The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore.

Here it is the werewolf that is central, and there is a potential to win 40,000x efforts. There is also the opportunity to buy a bonus.

The slot machine also has a favorable RTP of 96.5%, but the game is volatile.

Great Rhino Megaways ™

Pragmatic Plays Powerful rhinos are back on the slot machine Great Rhino Megaways™.. This game is also produced on license from Big TIme Gaming for the use of the Megaways ™ mechanism.

You play with wilds, free spins, respins and multipliers, and the game's maximum gain is 20,000x bet.

The game's RTP is 96.6%, which is above average. In any case, you will find that the game is volatile with varying payments.

300 Shields Extreme

At the slot machine 300 Shields Extreme Do you help the Spartans against the Great Army of the Persians.

The game is made by the game developer NextGen and offers special features like free spins with multipliers up to 300x.

The maximum gain is 17 770x the bet and RTP is 95.3%. The game is extremely volatile, but the potential for a big gain is definitely present.

9. Montezuma Megaways™

A slot machine that is very volatil is Montezuma Megaways™.. This one is made by the game developer WMS In collaboration with SG Digital and license for the use of Big Time Gaming MegaWays ™ -MEKANISM.

When playing Montezuma Megaways ™, there are a full 117,649 ways to win and a maximum potential of 12,500x bets.

The slot machine comes with a RTP that is just above average. This game has an RTP of 96.17% in the main game but by using Bonus Buy feature Increases RTP to 96.51%.

Codex of Fortune

Slot machine Codex of Fortune is the upgraded version of NetEnts Turn Your Fortune.

There is a visually appealing game with wilds, scatters and where you collect symbols and keys and rewarded with free spins.

The maximum gain is 10,000x bet and the game's RTP is 96%. Here it can take long periods without gain, but suddenly a proper big win can appear when you least expect it.

What is volatility and why should you know it?

When we talk about volatility on online games, it refers to the risk level in the games, how often a spin pays off and how much the average gain will be.

There are different concepts when we talk about volatility: low, medium or high.

If you play a game with high volatility, it is a high -risk game that gives fewer but larger payouts.

If you play a game with low risk instead, that is, a game with lower volatility, winning payments occur more often, but they become significantly smaller.

Slot machine Starburst is a popular game with low volatility, while the sequel Starburst XXXtreme Has high volatility: The latter gives fewer payments, but larger - up to the entire 200,000x bet!

How is the volatility of a slot machine calculated?

Yes, how is the volatility of a slot machine calculated then? The answer to that question is not simple as different game developers do it in different ways.

Volatility usually appears in a percentage form or scale.

You can often see scales between 1–10 or 1–100, but all game developers have their own special tools to calculate and demonstrate the volatility of a particular slot machine.

After a casino has integrated a slot machine, they often convert the grading to their own scale, so that all slot machines have the same structure, making it easier for players.

Low, medium or high volatile slot machines- which one should you choose?

The taste is like the butt - some choose to play slot machines that give more, but smaller winnings, while others prefer to play for fewer winnings in the hope of getting the really big winnings.

MediumBy means ofBy means ofBy means ofBy means of

High volatility slot machines - why choose them?

If you are a risk that wants to bet on the really big jackpots, then the very volatile slot machines are for you!

But remember that it can take time, patience and cost you a lot before you win.

But when you choose to do so, the gain is usually significantly different in size compared to payments from low volatility slot machines.

What is medium volatility?

A medium volatile slot machine is a slot machine that you win a little less often compared to a low volatile slot machine, but more often than if you play on a high volatility slot machine.

The winnings are not as great as with the high volatility slot machines, but higher than when playing slot machines with low volatility.

In other words, you end up here at an intermediate level - a reasonable level, which some will claim.

What does low volatility on slot machines mean?

Playing low volatility slot machines gives you good profit potential, but where the winnings are quite low.

You risk less, win more often, but the winnings themselves are significantly smaller than on high volatility slot machines.

Last high volatile slot machines

Below are some of this year's high volatility slot machines that we recommend you try:

  • Razor Shark 2 of Push Gaming -? Rtp

The successor to Razor Shark Will soon be launched, and the only thing we know is that it will be very volatile and more updated than the predecessor that had an RTP of 96.7%. More info comes from launch. Push Gaming Stands for many high volatile slot machines.

  • Magicians Secrets av Pragmatic Play – 96.51% RTP

On the slot machine Magicians Secrets by the game developer Pragmatic Play Are magic theme, and you play with 4096 ways to win and free spins, wilds and scatters in search of the maximum winner of 5,000x.

  • Zombie Carnival av Pragmatic Play – 96,5% RTP

Pragmatic Play Supplies slot machines on a running tape. This zombie game has 4096 ways to win and free spins with sticky multiplier-wrench and a maximum 5,000x bet.

  • Fishin’Pots of Gold av Microgaming – 96,47% RTP

The theme of this slot machine is fishing, and you are looking for the maximum winnings of 5,000x with Special Rainbow Troue, Scatters and Free Spins with multipliers. Microgaming Comes with several high volatile slot machines on a regular basis.

  • Misery Mining fra No Limit City – 96,1% RTP

NoLimit City Comes with its own style in their games, and this time the action is in a mine. The slot machine has over 800,000 ways to win and a maximum benefit of 70,000x bet.

Best game developers of high volatility slot machines

Today there are a number of game developers of high volatility slot machines, but some stand out a little extra:

1. Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play Is actually a pretty fresh game developer (started in 2015), but has already built a good reputation with a solid gaming portfolio of 100+ titles.

For example, among the high RTP games you will find Gold Train (RTP 97.16%), The Catfather (RTP 98.1%) and Caishen's Gold (RTP 97.8%).

2. Microgaming

Microgaming is a game developer who has produced more than 600 games. They are a big name in the casino industry. Among other things, they have launched the following slot machines with high RTP: Jurassic Park (RTP 96,67%), Frozen Diamonds (RTP 97%) og Couch Potato (RTP 97,43%).

3. NetEnt

NetEnt Is one of the market -leading game developers who has been in the industry for almost 30 years. They have a few hundred games in their portfolio, including high volatility slot machines such as Creature of the Black Lagoon (RTP 96.5%), Dead or Alive (RTP 96.8%) and Devils Delight (RTP 97,6%).

Where can you play the best slot machines with high volatility?

As I said, there are many slot machines with high potential in the market, which is why these are found at many different online casinos. But some have several of them, and we recommend, among other things, checking out the following casinos:

Volatile slot machines suitable for all

The gaming market today is adapted to all different types of players and offers games for both beginners and high rollers.

Do you find it more fun to win often, even if the winnings are not very big, then you should bet on low volatility games.

If, on the other hand, you are a bit of a risk that is willing to lose a part in the pursuit of the big jackpots, then you should focus on high volatility slot machines.

If you are more of a typical Ola/Kari Nordmann type that will bet properly, yes, then you simply choose slot machines that are medium volatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term volatility refers to the game's risk level, how often a spin pays off and how much the average payout will be. The volatility of slot machines says something about how frequent gains are.
The volatility of a slot machine is usually ranked in low, medium or high. Some choose to play slot machines that give more, but smaller winnings, while others prefer to play for fewer winnings in the hope of getting the really big winnings.
A high volatility slot machine is one that gives fewer gains, but the greater the winnings when you get a winning combination. When the big win strikes, such slot machines can be very fun. If you are looking for a big win, these are these games to look for.
When talking about a medium volatil slot machine, this is a game that is a bit smooth. It pays several small winnings quite frequently, but can also strike with a big gain here and there.
A low volatility slot machine makes you win more often, but significantly less gains than on slot machines with a high volatility. The classic Starburst is an example of such a slot machine.
Volatile slot machines are available in almost all online casinos. Some casinos also have their own gaming categories that list the most volatile slot machines. At you can read casino reviews and find game reviews of volatile slot machines.